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Vera thanks the Progressive Fund and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for their generous support of this project. The authors would also like to thank Kevin Keenan for his vision in creating the State of Justice Reform project, Tim Merrill, Elizabeth Crooks, and Kate Epstein for proofreading, Andrea Hood for editorial support and research, Ben Klafter for photo research, and Carmel Agnant for project support. Thanks also to the award-winning team at Hyperakt for developing this innovative website.

Best of Justice Reform 2019

Vera would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following groups and individuals to the development of the Best of Justice Reform categories and event. Project Manager: Sofia Jesani; Best of Selection Process: De’Ara Balenger, Mary Crowley, Stacie Gillian, Jasmine Heiss, Poonam Mantha, Kindred Motes, Andrew Hall, Logan Schmidt, and Sofia Jesani; Best of Graphic Design and Production: Colin Hernandez, Michael Mehler, Gloria Mendoza, Tim Merrill, and Cindy Reed; Best of Event Panelists: Josie Duffy Rice, Kimberly Drew, Mia Legaspi-Cavin, Kendrick Sampson, Moses El-Sun White, Allan Wachendorfer, Dr. Beth Skinner, Dr. Heather Erwin, Ethan Miller, Jack Norton, Kica Matos, De’Ara Balenger, Jamila Hodge, Samuel Sinyangwe, and Michelle Heinz; Best of Event Staff: Maestra’s De’Ara Balenger and Stacie Gillian; Vera’s Mary Crowley, Sofia Jesani, Poonam Mantha, Celine Nehme, Carmel Agnant, and Colin Hernandez; and the University of Iowa’s Charlotte Brown, Jack Kamp, Joshua Werges and Chris Gantt. Many thanks as well to the law firm of Kirkland and Ellis, LLP, for providing pro bono research supporting this section of the report.