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5 Black Heroes Who Took on the Fight against Mass Incarceration
Photo credits: W Haywood Burns image: National Lawyers Guild, Jane Bolin:…
Feb 22, 2022
Winter in Prison: Icy Conditions, No Blankets, Illness, and Death
Every winter brings with it new horror stories of freezing temperatures in…
Feb 18, 2022
Locking Teenagers and Young Adults Up for Gun Possession Doesn’t Make Us Safer
Photo by Richard Buckhart Motion for Justice Partners Chatham County District…
Feb 14, 2022
Low-Level Traffic Stops Too Often Turn Deadly. Some Places Are Trying to Change That.
A laundry list of minor traffic violations can lead to tickets and even jail…
Feb 09, 2022
If Biden Truly Wants a More “Fair, Orderly, and Humane” Immigration System, He Needs to Do These 6 Things
The 2020 election brought much joy and relief to immigrant rights activists,…
Feb 04, 2022
No Child Should Appear in Immigration Court Alone
While the U.S. government may provide pillows and booster seats for children…
Jan 28, 2022
New York’s Parole System Is Broken
Anthony Dixon, director of community engagement for Parole Prep NY, speaks in…
Jan 19, 2022

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Listen to People Who Are Incarcerated
Photo by Jeanette Spicer. Clyde Meikle was a founding mentor of the…
Jan 12, 2022
Bans on Holiday Cards and $30 Phone Calls—the Isolation of Prison
Incarceration always separates family members, but the approach in the United…
Dec 21, 2021
States Shouldn’t Be Using COVID Relief Money to Build More Prisons
Across the country, states are leveraging federal dollars from the American…
Dec 20, 2021
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