Investing in Communities

Our unjust systems have failed too many people and communities. It's time to invest in the things that help communities thrive.

Our system of “justice” hasn’t made us safer. Instead, the criminal legal system has failed countless families, particularly in communities of color: families separated and plunged deeper into poverty, stagnating local economies, and causing persistent stigmatization. That’s why Vera is committed to not only shrinking and transforming the criminal legal system, but also to investing in evidence-based solutions that help communities thrive.

To truly ensure everyone’s safety and well-being, our communities need better health care, schools, housing, drug treatment programs, and other social services. Vera is working hand-in-hand with advocates, experts, and policymakers to research and implement approaches in these areas and others, rooted in community perspectives and elevating the voices and needs of those who have been directly impacted by the system. Together, we’ll ensure that every family can truly thrive and live in dignity.

Learn more about Vera’s work to invest in communities and help families thrive: