What We Do

Vera pilots and scales projects designed to disrupt and end racist systems

Vera’s mission is to end the overcriminalization and mass incarceration of people of color, immigrants, and people experiencing poverty. We pilot real-world programs developed with community members and the government.

We incubate programs that will help end mass incarceration

First, we work alongside community members and local organizations and government to develop an idea for how to disrupt the incarceration system and its devastating impacts.

Then we funnel money and resources to develop an idea into a small-scale pilot program, to test the impact and feasibility of the program in the real world. When a pilot program is successful , we scale it to communities nationwide.

The Vera approach works: Programs grown through this strategy are providing thousands of incarcerated people with access to higher education and giving immigrant families access to legal representation that means the difference between deportation and a safe future, and much more.

Explore Vera's current initiatives: