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42 People Have Died in LA County Jails This Year
Another person has died in Los Angeles County jails, bringing the total number…
Nov 22, 2023
Sweet Potatoes Magee: Thanksgiving in Prison with a Service Dog in Training
Magee says it’s not Thanksgiving without sweet potatoes, and I agree. Magee…
Nov 20, 2023
Elections are Warped by Prison Gerrymandering Year After Year
When voters across the United States go to the polls, they believe their…
Nov 06, 2023
Coming Home after Nearly Three Years in Jail
Readjusting to life on the outside should be simple. It should be easy and…
Nov 01, 2023
Why Punishing People in Jail and Prison Isn’t Working
When politicians sought to convince voters in Jefferson Davis Parish,…
Oct 24, 2023
Prisons and Jails are Violent; They Don’t Have to Be
Jails and prisons, often overcrowded and understaffed, are frequently…
Oct 18, 2023
The United States Criminalizes People Who Need Health Care and Housing
Gaping holes in the social safety net and health care systems leave many…
Oct 17, 2023

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Yes, It’s Legal to Seek Immigration Asylum in the United States
Paul fled his home in Nigeria because Igbo Christians like him were being…
Oct 10, 2023
28 People Have Died in New York City Jails Since the Start of Last Year
In the early hours of October 5, Manish Kunwar, 27, died on Rikers Island. He…
Oct 06, 2023
People Need Transportation Access After Release from Jail and Prison
During the nearly seven months he was held in Los Angeles County’s deadly…
Oct 05, 2023
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