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Looking Beyond Bars to Meet Crime Survivors’ Needs
John, Jane, and Jane's family wrote down the values they brought to their…
Jan 31, 2024
Electronic Monitoring Is an Extension of Mass Incarceration
Craig Caudill had a plan for life after his release from prison. While…
Jan 30, 2024
Jail Intake Is Killing People. Decarceration Is the Way to Stop It.
Before newly incarcerated people are assigned to a cell block or a bed, they…
Jan 25, 2024
Now is the Time to Protect Asylum, Humanitarian Parole, and Due Process
In an attempt to pass federal supplemental budget measures, lawmakers in…
Jan 18, 2024
No One Should Be Sentenced to Die in Prison
At 68 years old, Greg Mingo was granted clemency and released from a New York…
Jan 17, 2024
Police Are Stopping Fewer Drivers — and It’s Increasing Safety
Cynthia Harrison wasted little time. Not long after taking office in 2022 as a…
Jan 11, 2024
Video Visits for Families of People in Jail and Prison Should Be Free
When Jennifer Love was in prison, talking to loved ones was a lifeline. “It…
Jan 09, 2024

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Eight Ways You Can Advance Justice Reform in 2024
The total jail and prison population in the United States has declined 21…
Jan 04, 2024
2024 Is the Year to Keep Shrinking Mass Incarceration
People born in 2001 turned 22 this year—an age at which life is full of…
Dec 21, 2023
Cities Embrace Civilian-Led Public Safety Solutions
Mariela Ruiz-Angel leads the third—and newest—public safety department in…
Dec 12, 2023
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