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My Publicly Funded Immigration Lawyer Gave Me Hope When I Faced Fear and Despair
After the traumatic terror of being separated from her son after being detained…
Dec 15, 2020
States Should Prioritize Incarcerated People for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution
Incarcerated people are no less valuable than the staff of America’s jails and…
Dec 03, 2020
Leaders Must Act Now to Reduce COVID-19 Behind Bars
We can combat COVID-19 in state and federal prisons, local jails, and immigrant…
Nov 24, 2020
America is Ready to Reinstate Pell Grants for Students in Prison
This country is ready for college in prison.
Nov 20, 2020
Government Leaders Must Meet Voters’ Demands for Justice with Meaningful Change
Black voters played a pivotal role in this election, which President-elect…
Nov 19, 2020
The Tipping Point for Universal Representation for Immigrants
With attacks on the safety and dignity of immigrant communities ramping up…
Oct 29, 2020
I Didn’t Care about Voting until My Incarceration Showed Me How Much it Matters
Growing up, politics wasn’t at the top of the list of things I was interested…
Oct 28, 2020

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I Was Sure I Would Be Deported Until an Attorney Informed Me of My Rights
People facing deportation have no right to legal counsel and must face the…
Oct 16, 2020
Universal Representation Advances Racial Equity for Immigrants Facing Deportation
As communities across the country continue to rise up to defend Black lives,…
Oct 15, 2020
Felony Disenfranchisement Suppresses the Votes of Black and Latinx Americans
I was released from New York State prison, after 12 years, in August 2017. Over…
Oct 26, 2020
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