Explore how justice reform issues play out in the media and popular culture through these “spotlights” on key moments in the news.

Atlanta City Council considers repurposing city jail after grassroots campaign.
Organizations provide new resources for journalists covering jails.
For Nura Maznavi, paying bail is an act of faith.
Pedro Hernandez is on his way to college, not jail.
Documentary focuses on the effects of mandatory minimum sentencing from outside the prison wall.
The changing face of the Harris County judiciary.
St. Louis’s Kim Gardner refuses to accept cases referred by more than two dozen city cops.
Investigation finds sentencing disparities by former Florida prosecutor.
Burlington police chief shines spotlight to opioid crisis.
Dayton, Ohio: From “overdose capital” to recovery model.
Fostering fatherhood among incarcerated men.
Alabama opens innovative lactation room for incarcerated women.
Reentry simulation shines light on challenges formerly incarcerated people face.
Washington man wants others returning from prison to get the same chance for employment he had.
Girls in NYC Child Welfare Treatment Center targeted for sex trafficking.
Film follows the lives of young people after incarceration.
New campus sexual assault investigation unit opens in New York.
St. Paul expedites visas to help protect noncitizen crime victims.
Children—even toddlers—represent themselves in deportation proceedings.
Amid threats of raids, doctors prepare to take care of their patients in unconventional ways.
New York City police stations add professional victim advocates to staff.
Helplines offer resources for victims.