We are grateful to the many people who helped bring the State of Justice Reform and Best of Justice Reform 2018 to life. This project was made possible in part by the Present Progressive Fund.

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The authors would also like to thank Kevin Keenan for his vision in creating the State of Justice Reform project; Khusbu Bhakta for coordinating external review and general editorial support; Karina Schroeder for editorial support; Logan Schmidt for editorial support and research; Jack Bunting for photo research; and Tim Merrill for proofreading. Thanks also to the award-winning team at Hyperakt for developing this innovative website.

Best of Justice Reform 2018

Vera would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following groups and individuals to the development of the Best of Justice Reform categories and event. Project Manager: Kindred Motes, Digital Strategy Director; Best of Selection Process: Khusbu Bhakta, Mary Crowley, Kevin Keenan, Poonam Mantha, Michael Mehler, Kindred Motes, Logan Schmidt, and Karina Schroeder; Best of Film Advisors: Scott Budnick, One Community, LLC, Jason Flom, Founder & CEO, Lava Media, Inc., Catherine Gund, Founder & Director, Aubin Pictures/Just Media, Benjamin Lear, Filmmaker; Director, They Call Us Monsters, Franklin Leonard, Founder, The Black List, Agnès Mentre, Founder, Tazora Films; Producer, Dawn Porter, Filmmaker; Director, Gideon’s Army, Rudy Valdez, 728 Films; Director, The Sentence; Best of Graphic Design: Kim Habib; Best of Event Panelists: Caron Butler, Alex Frank, Matt McGorry, DeRay Mckesson, Alyssa Milano, Kindred Motes, Michelle Parris, and John Pineda; Best of Event Staff: Whitney Dukes, Colin Hernandez, Sofia Jesani, Jason Koh, Poonam Mantha, Kindred Motes, Celine Nehme, and Stacey Strongarone. Many thanks as well to the law firm of Kirkland and Ellis, LLP, for providing pro bono research supporting this section of the report.


Cindy Reed, Maris Mapolski, Ram Subramanian, Alice Chasan, and Karina Schroeder, State of Justice Reform 2018 (New York: Vera Institute of Justice, 2019).