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  • Sharon Stancliff, MD
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  • Jonathan Giftos, MD, AAHIVS
  • Dr. Obed Magny
  • Chiraag Bains
  • Cherise Fanno Burdeen
  • Alec Karakatsanis
  • Pilar Weiss
  • Miriam Aroni Krinsky
  • John Pfaff
  • Meg Reiss
  • Chloe Cockburn
  • William C. Snowden
  • Jonathan Rapping
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  • Ahilan Arulanantham
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  • Graham Boyd
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  • Ronald F. Day
  • Johnny Perez
  • Tracey L. Meares
  • Jose Antonio Vargas
  • Hernan Carvente
  • Stefan LoBuglio
  • Marshall Clement
  • David D'Amora

Additional Acknowledgments

We gratefully acknowledge the additional research and fact-checking provided pro bono by the law firm Kirkland & Ellis. 

Special thanks to Cindy Reed and Maris Mapolski for their extensive editorial help, and thanks as well to Nick Turner, Mary Crowley, Michael Mehler, Kindred Motes, Ram Subramanian, Khusbu Bhakta, Jack Duran, Poonam Mantha, Karina Schroeder, David Hanbury, Hayne Yoon, Jim Parsons, Christian Henrichson, and Whitney Dukes. 

Special thanks to Noah Remnick for his help in crafting the report in its earliest stages, and thanks to Jack Bunting and Staphany Lu.

Thanks to the award-winning team at Hyperakt who helped improve the format and style of the report while creating this innovative website.