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  • Ryan Shanahan
    Ryan Shanahan
  • Cymone  Fuller
    Cymone Fuller
April 21, 2017

Why Kids in Detention Deserve Access to Their Siblings

Last week, in celebration of National Siblings Day, every social media channel was flooded with beautiful pictures of users with their brothers and sisters.  People credited their siblings with their personal successes, thanking them for all the support and fu...

  • Jonathan  Varnado
    Jonathan Varnado
April 18, 2017

How Should Probation and Parole Define Success?

For over a decade, Vera has worked with the city of New Orleans to reduce their jail population. As a program associate with Vera New Orleans, I’m proud to be a part of this effort. Before joining Vera’s New Orleans team, I was a probation and parole officer w...

  • Elizabeth  Ige
    Elizabeth Ige
  • Saadiq  Bey
    Saadiq Bey
April 07, 2017

Understanding How Young Men of Color Seek Help after Violence

Last week, a video went viral of 26-year-old Ibn Ali Miller breaking up a street fight between two high school students in New Jersey.  Since then, Miller has been praised by many for his humanity and mentorship, and even recognized by Atlantic City Mayor Don ...

  • Hernan Carvente
    Hernan Carvente
April 05, 2017

MTV and Hernan Carvente Discuss Youth, Violence, and Justice Reform

Last month, I had the distinct honor of participating in an interview with MTV News, where I shared my personal story with the juvenile justice system and how that experience grounds what I believe about juvenile justice reform. When I was 16, I was convicted ...

  • Kaitlin Kall
    Kaitlin Kall
March 31, 2017

Series: Gender and Justice in America

Why We’re Working to Reduce the Number of Women Incarcerated at Rikers Island

Even with a dramatic decline in the number of people incarcerated at Rikers Island, about 600 women are in jail each day – many of whom have been there before. The time for establishing better alternatives that can disrupt the cycle of jail and trauma for wome...

  • Erika Turner
    Erika Turner
March 28, 2017

Series: Gender and Justice in America

Women’s History Month Round-Up

Women and girls are too often invisible in talks of criminal justice and reform. Although they comprise a minority of people who are incarcerated in the United States, they are a fast growing population, with unique entry points into the system. They also pres...

  • Mary Crowley
    Mary Crowley
March 24, 2017

How Connecticut Reimagines Prison for Young Men

“Tell me something you’ve learned while you’ve been here.” “I’ve learned to listen.” “I’ve learned that we can be part of a brotherhood, and be the change we want to be.” “I’ve gained a purpose, an opportunity to give something back.” Is this an exchange betwe...

  • Rebecca  Dealy
    Rebecca Dealy
March 21, 2017

CNN Article on Elder Abuse Highlights Increased Need for Guardianship Services

CNN recently wrote an article titled “Sick, Dying, and Raped in America’s Nursing Homes,” detailing their own lengthy investigation of elder abuse within nursing homes and assisted living facilities around the country. CNN interviewed families of the abused, ...

  • Leah Morgan
    Leah Morgan
March 03, 2017

“Just Call Me Bala”

In 2010, Vera began working with the Ohio Green Prison Project (OGPP), a program to design and implement green vocational training and reentry programs that benefit incarcerated individuals and reduce the environmental impact and operating costs of prison syst...

  • Alex Frank
    Alex Frank
February 28, 2017

Young Adults in Prison

Young people ages 18 to 24 make up 10 percent of the U.S. population but comprise 21 percent of people admitted into adult prison every year. And of that, young men of color are overrepresented, with black men in this age group 7 to 9 times more likely to end ...

  • Erika Turner
    Erika Turner
February 23, 2017

This Year’s Oscar Film Nominees Highlight the Shared History of Black American Life and Mass Incarceration

For the last several years, the Academy Awards have taken place during Black History Month.  Considering the role that race and incarceration play in the films nominated for best picture, this year presents a timely opportunity for reflection. Of the three nom...

  • Vera Institute of Justice
February 15, 2017

Vera Mourns the Passing of Senior Program Associate Amy Judy: 1962-2017

Vera mourns the loss of Amy Judy, a senior program associate in our Center on Victimization and Safety (CVS), who passed away this past weekend. Amy had been at Vera for almost two years, but has been a part of the Vera family for well over 15 years, lending h...