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City Jail Populations Are Falling, So Why Are Their Budgets Increasing?

Jail populations in big cities have declined nearly 30 percent in the last decade, fueled by a growing recognition of the brutal realities of jail. Its injustices are crystallized in the stories of people like Kalief Browder—who, at 16, spent three years in jail awaiting trial for allegedly stealing a backpack and died by suicide after his release. ...

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  • Christian Henrichson
    Christian Henrichson
  • Nazish Dholakia
    Nazish Dholakia
March 25, 2021
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  • Chris Mai
    Chris Mai
April 12, 2021

Stimulus Checks Aren't Enough; We Need to End Court Fees

  • Noelle Smart
    Noelle Smart
  • Adam Garcia
    Adam Garcia
April 08, 2021

One Year Later, We Still Don’t Know How Many People in ICE Detention Have Been Exposed to COVID-19

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    Jamila Hodge
  • Seleeke Flingai
    Seleeke Flingai
April 02, 2021

What Happened When Boston Stopped Prosecuting Nonviolent Crimes

  • Erica Bryant
    Erica Bryant
    March 31, 2021

    Words Matter: Don’t Call People Felons, Convicts, or Inmates

    • Julian, cliente del New York Immigrant Family Unity Project (proyecto de unidad para las familias de inmigrantes en Nueva York)
    March 24, 2021

    Incluso después de haber ganado mi caso, el Servicio de Control de Inmigración y Aduanas no me quería liberar hasta que intervino mi abogada

    • Insha Rahman
      Insha Rahman
    • Logan Schmidt
      Logan Schmidt
      March 11, 2021

      Ending the Death Penalty Is a Step Toward Racial Justice

      • Annie Chen
        Annie Chen
      • Melissa Garlick
        Melissa Garlick
      March 05, 2021

      Three New Bills Could Advance Immigrant Justice in Maryland

      • Juan Martinez-Hill
        Juan Martinez-Hill
      • Ruth Delaney
        Ruth Delaney
      March 04, 2021

      Incarcerated Students Will Have Access to Pell Grants Again. What Happens Now?

      • Erica Bryant
        Erica Bryant
      March 03, 2021

      Immigration Courts Are Acting Like Business as Usual During the Pandemic, with Dire Consequences

      • Aaron Stagoff-Belfort
        Aaron Stagoff-Belfort
      • Clinique Chapman
        Clinique Chapman
      February 26, 2021

      Vaccine Hesitancy Is Fueling the Pandemic in Jails, Prisons, and Communities

      • Julian, a New York Immigrant Family Unity Project client
      February 25, 2021

      Even after I Won My Case, ICE Wouldn’t Let Me Go until My Lawyer Intervened

      • Jacqueline Altamirano Marin
        Jacqueline Altamirano Marin
      • Destiny Carter
      February 23, 2021

      Illinois Bill Makes History, Highlights Criminalization-to-Homelessness Pipeline