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  • Erin  Dostal Kuller
    Erin Dostal Kuller
July 21, 2016

How police benefit from diversion strategies

Vera’s recent report, It Takes a Village: Diversion Resources for Police and Families, details how diversion programs provide families and communities resources to keep young people safe, on track, and out of the criminal justice system. But young people aren’...

  • Chelsea Davis
    Chelsea Davis
  • Leah  Pope
    Leah Pope
July 19, 2016

Shining a spotlight on mental health and police shootings

The Boston Globe’s infamous Spotlight team recently published an investigation on yet another way people with mental health disorders are underserved and harmed by the criminal justice system: being shot by police. Spotlight uncovered that in Massachusetts, be...

  • Jannette  Brickman
    Jannette Brickman
  • Sandra  Harrell
    Sandra Harrell
July 07, 2016

Mass incarceration reform should address domestic and sexual violence

According to a 2014 newsletter on violence against women, “One of the most enduring realities of sexual assault is that very few cases result in arrest, prosecution, and conviction of [perpetrators]. Arrest, no less prosecution, is fairly unlikely, especially ...

  • Monnero Guervil
    Monnero Guervil
  • Vivian  Nixon
    Vivian Nixon
July 07, 2016

The importance of education for incarcerated women

Former intern Monnero Guervil interviews Vivian Nixon for this blog post.  What is the story behind your passion for serving incarcerated women? My passion for serving incarcerated women started when I began to tutor and teach GED classes in prison...

  • Erin  Dostal Kuller
    Erin Dostal Kuller
June 30, 2016

It takes a village

15-year-old J.B. is involved in a minor scuffle at a park. Instead of arresting him, police call a local crisis response program to address the behavior. J.B. receives counseling and is enrolled in an action plan to improve his grades, joins an ROTC program, a...

  • Karen Mallozzi
    Karen Mallozzi
June 15, 2016

Violence against the LGBTQ community extends beyond the massacre in Orlando

In the early hours of Sunday morning, a gunman murdered 49 people and injured another 53 at a shooting during Latin Night at Pulse, a gay nightclub, in Orlando, Florida. Forty-nine individuals, overwhelmingly people of color, whose lives were cut short in the ...

  • Caitlin Gokey
    Caitlin Gokey
June 10, 2016

Why the time is now for suburban justice reform

The face of suburban America is changing. Far from the stereotype that comes to mind of predominantly white and wealthy residents, the modern suburb represents a microcosm of the country’s increasingly diverse population. Suburbs today serve as mirrors for wha...

  • Jeremy Travis
    Jeremy Travis
  • Monnero Guervil
    Monnero Guervil
May 31, 2016

Changing the way we think about prison and education

Former intern Monnero Guervil interviews Jeremy Travis for this blog post.  You have a long history of criminal justice related work experience, what originally sparked your interest in the field? My interest in the field was accidental because my firs...

  • Evan Zavidow
May 10, 2016

Transgender people at higher risk for justice system involvement

While recent  police brutality headlines have motivated movements like #BlackLivesMatter and #SayHerName, activism surrounding transgender people has been pushed to the margins in mainstream media. In response to police violence against transgender people, #Bl...

  • Karen Tamis
    Karen Tamis
May 06, 2016

In a step toward reform, Los Angeles County severely limits segregation for youth

The Addressing the Overuse of Segregation in U.S. Prisons and Jails blog series features the voices of various perspectives—from corrections officials and academic experts to advocates and formerly incarcerated people—examining the issues presented by the use ...