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  • Jack Norton
    Jack Norton
October 28, 2021

This Is What Happened When a Kentucky County Closed Its Jail

  • Margaret diZerega
    Margaret diZerega
September 23, 2021

This Teacher Says Incarcerated People Are “The Best Students You’ll Ever Encounter”

  • Nazish Dholakia
    Nazish Dholakia
    September 17, 2021

    Daniela Gilbert Knows Community Is Central to Addressing Gun Violence

    • Caron Butler
      Caron Butler
      September 10, 2021

      I’ve Been Targeted by Police. True Public Safety Means Ending Unnecessary Police Stops.

      • Nazish Dholakia
        Nazish Dholakia
      • Daniela Gilbert
        Daniela Gilbert
        September 01, 2021

        Community Violence Interventions—Not More Police—Are the Future of Public Safety

        • Erica Bryant
          Erica Bryant
          August 12, 2021

          High School Justice Scholars Examine Criminal Legal System and Hope to Transform It

          • Nazish Dholakia
            Nazish Dholakia
          • Margaret diZerega
            Margaret diZerega
          August 06, 2021

          Released From Prison With No Place to Live

          • Diana D’Abruzzo
          • Clinique Chapman
            Clinique Chapman
          August 04, 2021

          Keeping Incarcerated People From Their Families Is Cruel

          • Noora Barakat
            Noora Barakat
          August 03, 2021

          The Biden Administration Is Trying to Speed Up Deportations

          • Damien Dwin
            Damien Dwin
            July 08, 2021

            Three Advocates on the Lasting Legacy and Hopeful Future of the Criminal Justice Reform Movement

            • Insha Rahman
              Insha Rahman
            • Nazish Dholakia
              Nazish Dholakia
            July 02, 2021

            On Independence Day, Whose “Freedom” Do We Celebrate?

            • Jamila Hodge
              Jamila Hodge
            June 17, 2021

            Fifty Years Ago Today, President Nixon Declared the War on Drugs