Law enforcement agencies understand that positive relationships with all community members are vital to ensuring safe communities—yet, despite their best efforts, many agencies struggle to build trust and partnerships across communities with different languages, cultures, and customs. The Police Perspectives Guidebook Series was developed to help police agencies fill the knowledge and practice gap between what is recommended as good police practice and what is implemented in the field. This three book series—written for police, by police—encourages the use of community policing strategies to build trust and foster positive relationships. As our country continues to diversify, these guidebooks come at a time when many police agencies are seeking ways to meaningfully engage with communities of color, youth, immigrant, and transgender communities, among others.

Project Objectives

  • Develop Knowledge: Develop knowledge about how to effectively and continuously build trust with diverse communities.

  • Increase Awareness: Increase the number of officers who are aware of field tested community policing strategies for building community trust.

  • Increase Practice: Increase the number of law enforcement agencies and individual officers using proven community policing practices for building trust with their communities.