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From federal, state, and local advocacy to expert data analysis and research, Vera develops solutions to help understand, explain, and disrupt the criminal legal and immigration systems and their devastating impacts.

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Nationwide, policymakers and the public are considering how best to address crime. Deeper insights on policing should guide decisions about its funding and role in the provision of public safety.

Nov 15, 2022


Beyond Recidivism: Research on the Value of Post-Secondary Education Beyond Recidivism

This panel offers a review of research related to postsecondary education in prisons and recidivism. Panelists discuss…


Looking Ahead: Envisioning College Programs through the Eyes of Higher Education in Prison Graduates

Given the changes in postsecondary education in prison over the five years since 2015, where will the field be in…


Achieving Quality and Success through Student Services

This panel explores the key components, challenges, and possible solutions to delivering high-quality academic…



Understanding the Financial Aid Landscape After FAFSA Simplification

This panel focuses on the impact of the Second Chance Pell Experiment and the expansion of Pell access. Panelists speak…

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