Vera, which is guiding implementation of the largest public housing reentry pilot program in the country, is launching a national project to assist public housing authorities, community supervision agencies, and reentry service providers to work together to promote family reunification and successful reentry outcomes for formerly incarcerated people. The project aims to substantially change public housing admissions policies for the justice-involved population and reduce barriers that impede successful reentry outcomes across multiple jurisdictions.

Vera will provide technical assistance to select public housing authorities looking to change policies or implement programs for formerly incarcerated people. Because some jurisdictions may want to build a reentry housing program from the ground up, while others may have existing programs, technical assistance will be tailored to the needs of each public housing authority.

Project Objectives

  • The project aims to increase the number of housing authorities serving the reentry community.

  • Through this initiative, Vera will educate and build public support on public housing access for formerly incarcerated individuals and their families.