Vera is studying experiences of hate crime (also known as bias crime) among Latino, immigrant, youth, and LGBT communities in New Jersey and Los Angeles County, California. We aim to develop a practical tool to help communities and law enforcement improve responses to hate crime, with the ultimate goal of ensuring access to equal justice for people harmed by these crimes. The study, “Questioning Bias: Validating a Bias Crime Victim Assessment Tool in California and New Jersey,” is funded by the National Institute of Justice.

Project Objectives

  • To investigate experiences and reasons for under-reporting of bias crimes, specifically among Latino, immigrant, youth, and LGBT communities.

  • To develop a comprehensive bias crime assessment tool (BCAT) to identify and reach victims of bias crime.

  • To pilot-test and validate the assessment tool for use by community organizations and law enforcement.

Key Fact

Nearly 300,000 bias crimes occur each year, but only half are reported to law enforcement.