Having a criminal record can significantly decrease a person’s chances of finding housing and employment. The Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) seeks to provide housing and employment opportunities for people with criminal records, while also keeping communities safe and healthy.

Through research and policy guidance, Vera, along with several community partners, is helping HANO properly screen people with criminal records and assess their eligibility for assistance. By developing a proper screening process, HANO can help people with criminal convictions become successful members of society, while still maintaining fair and safe communities. 

Project Objectives

  • By providing public housing assistance to formerly incarcerated people, HANO aims to break the cycle between incarceration and homelessness.by supporting the work of HANO in partnership with community partners.

  • Vera works with HANO to further aims to reunite formerly incarcerated people with their families, many of whom live in public housing. 

Key Fact

Improving access to stable, affordable housing substantially increases the likelihood that a person leaving jail will reconnect with family, find employment, and rebuild supportive networks, reducing reliance on homeless shelters and increasing public safety.