Race, Equity and Inclusion (REI) Initiative

Our Commitment

We value antiracism, equity, and diversity across races, genders, sexualities, abilities, and experiences with systems. We are committed to shaping space, resources, and work—internally and externally—to ensure that each person can thrive in that person’s own identities, circumstances and histories, such that disparities are eliminated and we all prosper.

Vera Institute of Justice 2023 Diversity Report

At the Vera Institute of Justice (Vera), diversity is core to the Institute’s values and success. We understand that diversity makes us wiser, more dynamic, and more effective as we seek greater justice in the criminal legal and immigration systems. Vera’s diversity helps us be more representative of and connected to the communities most directly impacted by these systems. Thus, the organization—starting with President Nick Turner and the Vera Leadership Team (VLT)—is deeply committed to making sure that Verans, as a group, are as diverse as the country in which we work and that the Institute is deeply inclusive of marginalized people—especially system-impacted people.

This report reviews the racial diversity of Vera’s staff and the racial and gender diversity of Vera’s leadership. We believe this kind of transparent review helps Verans, our movement and government partners, the communities in which we work, and other stakeholders hold Vera accountable for ensuring we have a diverse staff and board. We plan to issue updated versions of this report annually.

Explore the Vera Institute of Justice 2023 Diversity Report here.