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Total Number of People in County Jails and State Prisons, 2015
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After Over 50 Years, It’s Time to Decriminalize Cannabis

Moving cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III on the Controlled Substances Act isn’t going far enough.

What descheduling means The CSA places all substances that federal law regulates into one of five schedules. Schedule I substances are defined as those with no accepted medical use and the highest potential for abuse. Cannabis currently falls into this category, as do ecstasy, heroin, and LSD. At the other end of the CSA, Schedule V substances, su ...

  • Nazish Dholakia
    Nazish Dholakia
May 21, 2024

Rightsizing the New York City Department of Correction While Helping a Struggling Workforce

As overstaffing drives New York City’s jail overspending and plans to close Rikers Island loom, the time to begin funding workforce transition programs for Department of Correction (DOC) officers is now. The move from Rikers to the better designed borough-based system will further diminish demand for officers; unless DOC begins acting, the uniforme ...

  • Benjamin Heller, Brian King, Will McKeithen, Chantal Polinsky
May 17, 2024