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This fact sheet provides at-a-glance information about how many people are locked up in both state prisons and county jails and shows where the state stands on a variety of metrics, so that policymakers and the public can better determine where to target reforms.

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Total Number of People in County Jails and State Prisons, 2015
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Fourth Confirmed Jail Death in 2024 Brings NYC’s Total to 31 Under Mayor Adams

The steady stream of deaths continues as courts deliberate a federal takeover of the city's jails.

Charizma Jones died in New York City Department of Correction (DOC) custody at Elmhurst Hospital on July 14. Jones, 23, was hospitalized after jail staff “repeatedly ignored” her requests for medical help, her lawyers claim, leading to a medical episode that required an emergency response and, ultimately, her death. She is the fourth person to die ...

  • Sam McCann
    Sam McCann
  • Erica Bryant
    Erica Bryant
July 17, 2024

On Air from a Maximum-Security Prison

How two men incarcerated at a North Dakota prison launched a podcast—and built an audience.

Zach Schmidkunz (left) and Antonio Stridiron (right) record Chainz 2 Changed from a converted cell at the North Dakota State Penitentiary. Photo by Lacie Zander. “I live in the podcast room now, I just sleep in my room,” joked Antonio Stridiron. Stridiron and Zach Schmidkunz host Chainz 2 Changed, a podcast recorded at the North Dakota State Penite ...

  • Nazish Dholakia
    Nazish Dholakia
July 16, 2024

With 16 Deaths in 2024, LA Jails Continue Deadly Trend

Sixty-one people have died in LA County jails since the start of 2023.

How are people dying? Los Angeles County has not yet publicly issued causes of death for everyone who has died in county jails in recent months. However, even once autopsy reports are finalized, they don’t tell the whole story: when the coroner rules that a death is the result of “natural causes,” jail conditions can still be to blame. Researchers ...

  • Sam McCann
    Sam McCann
July 15, 2024