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Dispatches from T.R.U.E.

Dispatches from T.R.U.E. will take you behind the scenes of a groundbreaking model at Connecticut’s Cheshire Correctional Institute: a unit that reimagines incarceration for young men aged 18-25. The unit’s name is an acronym for Truthfulness (to oneself and others), Respectfulness (toward the community), Understanding (ourselves and what brought us here), and Elevating (into success); the unit name was developed by staff to represent this goal and vision. Over the next few months you’ll hear from staff, mentors (people serving life sentences in DOC) living and working with the young men on the unit, the Vera team supporting the project, and young men (mentees) living in the TRUE community. We look forward to your comments and responses.

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  • James, T.R.U.E. Mentor
May 23, 2017

Series: Dispatches from T.R.U.E.

Looking Back Toward a Better Future

This post was written by James, a mentor in the T.R.U.E. unit at Cheshire Correctional Institution. T.R.U.E unit mentors are people serving life without parole sentences at the Connecticut Department of Corrections. Through a competitive application process, 1...

  • Jordan and Tarence
May 02, 2017

Series: Dispatches from T.R.U.E.

Connecticut’s T.R.U.E. Prison Program Offers New Beginnings

This post was co-written by Jordan and Tarence, two young men incarcerated in the T.R.U.E. unit at Cheshire Correctional Institution. 

  • Mary Crowley
    Mary Crowley
March 24, 2017

Series: Dispatches from T.R.U.E.

How Connecticut Reimagines Prison for Young Men

“Tell me something you’ve learned while you’ve been here.” “I’ve learned to listen.” “I’ve learned that we can be part of a brotherhood, and be the change we want to be.” “I’ve gained a purpose, an opportunity to give something back.” Is this an exchange betwe...