EPIC Toolkit

To provide additional practical guidance from the field, Vera staff gathered resources from the 10 agencies profiled in the EPIC report. These include links to electronic copies of program documents, such as policies for serving immigrant communities, curricula for training law enforcement and community members, and podcasts housed on the COPS website. It is our hope that the resources listed below will prove useful tools for police departments around the country looking to build relationships with their local immigrant communities.


Table of Contents

· Citizens' Police Acadamies

· Community Advisory Councils and Committees

· Community Education on Laws and Practices

· Community Feedback

· Community Outreach

· Job Descriptions

· Policies and Procedures

· Audio Podcasts Podcast Icon

Citizens’ Police Academies

Community Advisory Councils and Committees

Community Education on Laws and Police Practices

Community Feedback

Community Outreach

Job Descriptions

Law Enforcement Training

Policies and Procedures

Audio Podcasts Podcast Icon
Listen to or download the following seven podcasts accompanying this report at the COPS website's The Beat podcast series.

  • Tips from a police community liaison on getting the trust and support of multilingual communities and sworn officers 
    (Monique Drier, Community Liaison, Brooklyn Center Police Department )
  • Practical tips for doing outreach to multicultural communities
    (Robin Martinson, Community Liaison, Brooklyn Park Police Department)
  • Working with the community in addressing sensitive topics.
    (Brian Kyes, Chief of Police, Chelsea Police Department)
  • Ensuring continuity in community policing initiatives during police agency transitions
    (Sergio Fidelis, Police Officer, Clearwater Police Department)
  • Effectively using radio for community outreach 
    (Rafael Fernandez, Sergeant, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department)
  • Tips for selecting a good research partner
    (James Stormes, Colonel, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office)
  • Practical foreign language instruction for officers
    (Jesse Guardiola, Police Officer, Tulsa Police Department)