Federal Policy

Vera drives policy change at the federal level through expertise on criminal legal system reform and immigrant justice, strong connections to the criminal justice and immigrant rights movements, and strategic advocacy.

Vera’s advocacy is rooted in human dignity and racial equity and seeks to dismantle policies that disproportionately harm communities of color. We use research and evidence-based solutions to initiate, shape, and support federal policy on justice reform. And we center the voices of directly impacted people and support the advocacy efforts of our community partners.

Vera’s Federal Policy team connects Vera with Congress, federal agencies, and coalitions of criminal and immigration justice organizations. From expanding universal representation for immigrants to eliminating federal funding for local jail construction and improving prison conditions, Vera’s policy recommendations are informed by Vera’s trusted data analysis, center calls to action by currently and formerly incarcerated advocates, and strategically align with the campaigns and movements of our allies.

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