A Direction Home

In Recognition of National Reentry Week

For millions of Americans who have been in prison or jail, the legal and life-restricting consequences of a criminal conviction continue even after they get out. These can include restrictions on voting, housing, jobs, education, and a raft of social services that vastly limit their ability to provide for their families and successfully reenter society. This can lead to a dangerous cycle of reincarceration – indeed, almost 70% of those who leave prison end up rearrested within three years. But research has shown that this cycle can be disrupted when, for example, corrections agencies allow increased and improved contact with families; when more housing opportunities become available through informed policies from local housing authorities, and when people are allowed to develop vocational skills or pursue higher education while still incarcerated.

In recognition of National Reentry Week, we’ve put a spotlight on the work Vera has done and is doing to better prepare incarcerated people to come home and live healthier, productive lives with the people they love.