Securing Equal Justice

Reaching All Victims

Supporting victims of crime is of course a critical component of the justice system. Our history of working to improve services for victims of crime started by developing Safe Horizon, one of the country’s flagship victim services providers, in 1975. One of the main challenges today is reaching victims that “mainstream” agencies aren’t helping because meeting their needs requires a broader set of skills. 

Who is part of this group?  There are alarmingly high rates of violence among people with disabilities and Deaf people. Several of our projects focus specifically on survivors of domestic and sexual violence that have had nowhere to turn for help, as well as hosting a national resource center to guide agencies on how to rigorously evaluate whether their services are meeting the needs of all survivors. Other underserved victim groups include LGBTQ people, incarcerated individuals, and young men of color. Work to support these people includes a nonprofit model of legal guardianship to protect older adults and other vulnerable people from abuse, and a project for young men of color who are victims and perpetrators of violence that promotes healing and accountability, to ultimately break cycles of violence.

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