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Spotlight  –  Aug 17, 2020

Rural Jails — Eliminating rural jail funding; investing in communities

Confront the rural jail crisis by ensuring that plans to support and revitalize rural communities include strategies to reduce rural jail populations. We need to reverse America’s rural jail crisis—this is the only way to shrink the overall footprint of the ...

Project  –  Jun 25, 2019

Rural Jails Research and Policy Network

Since 2017, the Vera Institute of Justice has documented a surprising and dramatic shift in the geography of mass incarceration: while big cities and urban areas have started to curb the number of people entering their local jails, rural counties and small cit...

News  –  Feb 13, 2020

Sociologists examine rural justice systems

Blog Post  –  Apr 01, 2020

Series: Covid-19

COVID-19 Imperils People in Rural Jails

It appears to be just a matter of time until things get much worse, especially when one considers the lack of rural health care resources: 128 hospitals have closed in rural counties since 2010. People in jails and prisons are among the people most at risk for...

News  –  Jul 07, 2017

Rural America’s Jail Dilemma

News  –  Feb 12, 2020

Combating rising incarceration in rural areas

News  –  Jul 02, 2020

Urban-Rural Divide: Examining Incarceration Rates at Rural Jails Across Virginia

News  –  Sep 19, 2017

Rural Jails: Overlooked Too Long

News  –  Jun 15, 2017

The Rise of Rural Incarceration

News  –  Feb 12, 2020

Study could help reduce rural incarceration rates

News  –  Jun 13, 2017

Incarceration is Skyrocketing in Rural America

News  –  Sep 20, 2019

Where Art and Rural Incarceration Meet