Publication  –  Dec 31, 1989

Alternatives to Incarceration — A Bibliographic Essay

This 1990 CASES Briefing Paper: 1) introduces some of the issues and concerns involving alternative sentencing; 2) reviews some alternative programs which currently exist, both established and experimental, to see how they are or can be integrated into the pre...

News  –  Sep 09, 2013

Alternatives to Youth Incarceration

Publication  –  Jan 31, 1990

Drug Treatment and Alternatives to Incarceration

With unmanageable numbers of drug abusers facing criminal charges in our courts, we are increasingly inclined to send many addicts to treatment rather than jail. The practical and conceptual issues raised by such a policy are complex and require much discussio...

News  –  Aug 10, 2015

Alternatives to incarceration for moms aim to strengthen families

Publication  –  Feb 12, 2013

Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration for People with Mental Health Needs in the Criminal Justice System — The Cost-Savings Implications

The disproportionate number of people with behavioral health disorders involved in the criminal justice system puts a tremendous strain on scarce public resources and has a huge impact on health care and criminal justice budgets. This research summary demonstr...

Press Release  –  Mar 10, 2022

Vera Institute of Justice on the Anniversary of the “Care First, Jails Last” Alternatives to Incarceration Report

About the Vera Institute of JusticeThe Vera Institute of Justice is powered by hundreds of advocates, researchers, and activists working to transform the criminal legal and immigration systems until they’re fair for all. Founded in 1961 to advocate for alterna...

Publication  –  Apr 30, 2002

Balancing Punishment and Treatment — Alternatives to Incarceration in New York City

Like other U.S. cities, New York is gradually increasing its use of alternatives to incarceration (ATIs) for people who have committed felonies. This is the first study to examine the city’s coordinated ATI system for people convicted of felonies—and one of th...

Publication  –  Oct 31, 1992

The Delta Program — A Program Plan for a Day Drug Treatment Program for Bronx Drug Felony Offenders

This 1992 report outlines Vera's Delta Program, a day treatment program for incarceration-bound drug-abusing offenders designed to specifically target offenders not reached by existing New York City Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) programs.

Special Report  –  Jun 21, 2016

The Discretionary Power of Prosecuters

Plea bargains, which prosecutors have the discretion to offer to defendants, are ubiquitous in the U.S. criminal justice system. In fact, very few criminal cases make it to trial, where a judge and jury are the primary decision makers. An estimated 94 to 97 pe...

News  –  May 14, 2011

Measuring risk and need in juvenile justice decision making

For some people in the field of juvenile justice, the difference between “risk assessment” and “needs assessment” may seem overly academic or technical. They don’t realize that the lack of clarity about this distinction and the tendency to conflate risk of del...

Press Release  –  Jan 10, 2023

Vera Institute of Justice Responds to Gov. Hochul's State of the State Address

Organization Calls For Passage of Access to Representation Act, Investment in Historic Bail Reforms to Ensure Fairness in Immigration & Criminal Justice Systems Contact: James Freedland | | 585-653-8453 ALBANY – In response to Gover...

Vera Staff  –  Dec 14, 2023

Jacob Denney — Associate Director of Research, Vera California

Jacob Denney is the associate director of research for Vera California, leading research team efforts to advance statewide criminal legal system reform and contributing impactful research on alternatives to incarceration. Before joining Vera, Jacob was the eco...