Prof. Andrew Papachristos on Gun Violence and The Company You Keep

An interview with Prof. Andrew Papachristos on using network science to understand neighborhood and gun violence. Prof. Papachristos was at the Vera Institute of Justice as part of the Neil A. Weiner Research Speaker Series. You can learn more about his talk here.


Women's Pathways Into and Out of Jail in Buncombe County

Findings from Research with Women Detained in Buncombe County and Recommendations for Reducing the Use of Jail

This report presents an analysis of women’s experiences with the local criminal legal system in Buncombe County, North Carolina: their pathways into and out of the jail, their living conditions and concerns during detention, and their perspectives on how services and systems in the county can improve. This study occurred in September 2021 at a time ...

  • Jennifer Peirce, Tara Dhanraj Roden, Sandhya Kajeepeta, Elizabeth Swavola, Jesmeen Grewal
November 16, 2022