Vera Institute of Justice Spin-Off Tool Kit


The Spin-off Tool Kit (2007) documents the process by which Vera projects are transformed into independent organizations. It is intended for Vera employees engaged in spinning off a demonstration project, for other organizations interested in launching a new nonprofit, and for anyone who wants to better understand the history of Vera's spin-offs and the spin-off process. The Tool Kit also contains a present day look at the 17 spin-offs Vera has created, as well as an article by Vera’s former director on how nonprofits can advance their mission through spinning off. The Tool Kit does not specifically address the process of spinning off international projects or the creation of a wholly new organization not affiliated with a parent organization. However, many of the topics covered in this Tool Kit will be of interest and have applicability to those undertakings. One reason Vera is able to remain flexible is that it does not operate projects for the long term. If a demonstration project proves successful, Vera will spin off the demonstration, often by transforming it into its own independent nonprofit organization. This process can be complex, but it ensures that Vera has the resources and energy it needs to stay focused on its core mission—spearheading innovation—while positioning the project to continue to serve its clients and grow its services and knowledge as a separate independent entity.