The Administration of Justice under Emergency Conditions Lessons Following the Attack on the World Trade Center


In the first hours and days after the terrorist attack on September 11, the courts in lower Manhattan were inaccessible; prosecutors and defense lawyers lost access to phones, files, and computers; and police officers were not available to testify at hearings and trials. How did the justice system cope under these conditions? With clear direction from New York State's chief judge, the courts were determined to reopen and to conduct business as usual at the earliest possible date. This report shows how the courts not only reopened quickly but were committed to upholding the principle of individual rather than mass justice. The report offers a set of recommendations that officials in New York City and elsewhere can follow to plan for future emergencies.


Fewer People are Going Back to Prison—But that Doesn’t Paint the Entire Picture

Judging a person’s reentry success based on recidivism highlights their failures, but what about their successes?

Fewer people are going back to prison, according to a new study from Pew Trusts.  The number of people sent back to state prison three years after being released dropped by nearly a quarter over a seven-year period. The study, which analyzed short-term and long-term recidivism rates, found that 48 percent of incarcerated people released in 2005 ret...

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  • Jack W. Duran
    Jack W. Duran
  • Shawnda Chapman Brown
    Shawnda Chapman Brown
August 07, 2018
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Series: Dispatches from W.O.R.T.H.

How Young Women are Building Promise in a Connecticut Prison

Every aspect of W.O.R.T.H.’s design intentionally embodies the spirit of the “human dignity principle”—the concept that every human being possesses an intrinsic worth, merely by being human. From its culture to its physical environment to its daily routine, W.O.R.T.H. was re-purposed, designed, and transformed from a vacant, old unit inside the pri...

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  • Ryan Shanahan
    Ryan Shanahan
  • Alex Frank
    Alex Frank
August 02, 2018
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