Although general attitudes towards immigration are commonly researched, less is known about public opinion toward government-funded attorneys in immigration court. To explore public opinion on this issue, Vera is partnering with the survey firm Lucid to conduct public opinion polls about government-funded counsel in several communities across the United States. Although the research is ongoing, the findings thus far show widespread support for government-funded counsel in immigration court.

This page will continue to be updated with the results from additional communities as the research is completed.


The New York Immigrant Family Unity Project

Universal Representation for Detained Immigrants Facing Deportation in Upstate New York

In recent years, threats of arrest and detention of immigrants have soared, families have been systematically separated, and noncitizens are more vulnerable than ever to deportation. Yet immigrants facing deportation do not have the right to a public defender if they cannot afford a lawyer. The New York Immigrant Family Unity Project (NYIFUP) is ...


Implementing the Vision at the Local and State Level Summary

Advancing Universal Representation: A Toolkit for Advocates, Organizers, Legal Service Providers, and Policymakers

Universal representation—a public defender system for all immigrants facing deportation—is based on the fundamental belief that everyone deserves due process under the law. While a growing movement works toward a legally mandated and federally funded representation system, several counties, cities, and states have stepped up to fund deportation def ...

April 13, 2021