Structured Fines Day Fines as Fair and Collectable Punishment in American Courts


This 1995 booklet draws on Vera's experience to describe how a day-fine system works in practice, what benefits it can be expected to yield, and how it should be planned. The booklet also includes a bibliography and list of people who can answer questions and provide planning and implementation assistance.


How a Massachusetts County is Transforming Jail for Young Adults

Inspired by Germany and Norway, the P.A.C.T. unit is the first-of-its-kind in a county jail across the country.

The journey toward creating P.A.C.T. was certainly not easy. Change is always difficult, especially in a field like corrections. Since we opened the doors of this unit just over a year ago, we have had successes, we have faced challenges, and we have learned from both. But the early results we are seeing reveal promise. Our recent report on these r...

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  • Peter J. Koutoujian
    Peter J. Koutoujian
May 24, 2019
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