Sexual Victimization of Men with Disabilities and Deaf Men A National Snapshot

Men With Disabilities Brief Square


Men with disabilities experience victimization, including sexual violence, at rates higher than their counterparts without disabilities. In partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women (OVW), Vera launched a project to explore these issues. This brief presents the project findings. It gives an overview of the latest research on the incidence and prevalence of sexual violence in the lives of men with disabilities and Deaf men, identifies gaps in the field’s knowledge on the subject, and documents the unique barriers both groups face in accessing services. It concludes by looking ahead to how additional research, public policy changes, and educational efforts can contribute to ending the victimization of men with disabilities and Deaf men.

Key Takeaway

Enhancements are necessary to victim services and justice-systems responses to ensure that all survivors, including men with disabilities and Deaf men, receive vital healing services.

Publication Highlights

  • Male survivors with disabilities who experience sexual violence face multiple barriers to reaching out and receiving help.

  • The organizations often active in the lives of people with disabilities are not prepared to address victimization in the lives of the people they serve; victim services are not always accessible for people with disabilities; there are few organizations that bridge these gaps.

  • More research is needed to understand how often men with disabilities experience domestic violence and their experiences when seeking help.

Key Facts