Restoring Promise Implementation Toolkit Opening housing units for young adults built on human dignity

Restoring Promise Implementation Toolkit 786x786


This Restoring Promise Implementation Toolkit is a roadmap for corrections agencies interested in supporting the success of young adults (ages 18–25) by creating specialized housing units rooted in human dignity and restorative practices. The toolkit guides agencies through a nine-month process to opening a young adult housing unit, organized in five stages: plan and assess, implement, train, open, and pilot/sustain. The Restoring Promise approach centers the input and leadership of staff and incarcerated people throughout the implementation process, which is critical to the success and the sustainability of the housing unit.

Key Takeaway

Restoring Promise has identified an evidence-based process to transform prison culture, grounded in our experience working with corrections leaders and professionals, incarcerated people and their families, and experts in the field.

Publication Highlights

  • Restoring Promise, launched in 2009, is a collaboration between Vera and the MILPA Collective that seeks to transform prison cultures, climates, and spaces.

  • Restoring Promise partners with correctional leaders to reimagine housing units for young adults and realign corrections policies and practices with a commitment to human dignity.

  • The Restoring Promise approach is proving that it’s possible to create more safety for incarcerated people and corrections professionals.