Legal Orientation Program Evaluation and performance and outcome measurement report, phase II


The Legal Orientation Program (LOP) seeks to educate detained persons in removal (deportation) proceedings so they can make more informed decisions, thus increasing efficiencies in the immigration court and detention processes. Vera’s analysis—a combination of statistical analysis and interviews with LOP stakeholders, including participants, providers, immigration judges, court administrators, detention facility staff, and ICE employees—identified numerous differences in case outcomes between LOP participants and comparison groups of detained persons who did not participate in the LOP. These differences suggest possible benefits of the LOP for those detained persons it is able to serve.



The Role of Police in Ending Mass Incarceration

Police in America arrest millions of people each year, and the likelihood that arrest will lead to jail incarceration has increased steadily: for every 100 arrests police officers made in 2016, there were 99 jail admissions, up from 70 jail admissions for every 100 arrests in 1994. Ending mass incarceration and repairing its extensive collateral co...

  • Rebecca Neusteter, Ram Subramanian, Jennifer Trone, Mawia Khogali, Cindy Reed
August 12, 2019

A Vision for Change

Vera's Insha Rahman and Kica Matos discuss their work and collaboration to ensure equal justice for all

5. As a veteran Veran, Insha, what have you done in the past four years here that you're most proud of? I'll start by answering more broadly what I'm most proud of as a Veran, and that is my colleagues. People are what makes Vera the organization it is. Given her humility, I know my saying this will make Kica cringe a little, but I've known of her...

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  • Vera Staff
    Vera Staff
August 01, 2019
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