Keeping Kids Out of Court A primer on status offenses

Keeping Kids 2 Sq 01


Every year, thousands of kids face charges in court, are held in detention, and end up in locked facilities for status offenses. This infographic explores the problem and explains how we can safely keep kids out of the justice system.


Changing Course in the Overdose Crisis

Moving from Punishment to Harm Reduction and Health

Drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, and communities across the country are struggling to respond. But the punitive approach exemplified by the “war on drugs” has driven mass incarceration, exacerbated racial disparities within the criminal justice system, and devastated communities of color. The United State...

  • Jason Tan de Bibiana, Charlotte Miller, Leah Pope, Susan Stellin, Jim Parsons, David Cloud
February 21, 2020