Keeping Kids Out of Court A primer on status offenses

Keeping Kids 2 Sq 01


Every year, thousands of kids face charges in court, are held in detention, and end up in locked facilities for status offenses. This infographic explores the problem and explains how we can safely keep kids out of the justice system. 


Cultivating Change

How the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office and the Restoring Promise Initiative Are Transforming Incarceration for Young Men

Traditional criminal justice responses have fallen short on meeting the needs of young adults involved in the justice system. Across the country, policymakers are starting to address the legacy of unbalanced policies and practices that have resulted in the uniquely American phenomenon of 2.2 million people being incarcerated—a legacy that dispropor...

  • Alex Frank, Matthew Lowen, Kevin Maccioli, Shawn MacMaster, Selma Djokovic
March 05, 2019