Issues in Community Policing Problems in the Implementation of Eight Innovative Neighborhood-Oriented Policing Programs


This 1994 report presents the results of Vera's analysis of data collected on implementation issues and program outcomes for the eight-city Innovative Neighborhood Oriented Policing (INOP) Program sponsored by the Bureau of Justice Assistance. The program was intended to help develop community policing programs with the goal of reducing the demand for drugs through drug enforcement, interagency cooperation, referral to treatment and community-based prevention initiatives. The eight INOP sites were Tempe, AZ; Norfolk, VA; New York, NY; Hayward, CA; Portland, OR; Prince George's County, MD; Houston, TX; and Louisville, KY. This is the second volume of a report submitted to the National Institute of Justice, volume one being "Innovative neighborhood-oriented policing: descriptions of programs in eight cities."