Anglo-American Action/ Research Program Administered by the Vera Institute of Justice Third Quarterly Report


This is the third interim report on the Anglo-American Action/Research Program, a project administered by the Vera Institute of Justice and the Inner London Probation and After-care Service (ILPAS). No detailed agenda was specified, but the following expectations emerged:

1) that a small Vera staff might, by developing a day-to-day collaborative relationship with British statutory agencies (e.g., probation, police and prison services), bring U.S. experience and Vera's action-research approach to bear upon particular problems in the administration of British justice;

2) through sustained working relationships and through periodic visits to the U.S. by British criminal justice representatives, draw upon the relevant British experience, programs, procedures and research to devise innovative approaches to problems in the administration of American justice and, generally, facilitate the transfer of technologies between the jurisdiction; and

3) that this effort might reveal the possibilities and limitations peculiar to technology transfer models of this design.