Adolescent Violence, State Processes, and the Local Context of Moral Panic


The authors argue that recent societal reactions to youth violence can be characterized as a moral panic. They argue that the current moral panic over youth violence both arises from and has been contributing to a restructuring of the role of the state. This takes the form of reductions in public investment in social welfare and education and a concomitant transfer of resources to a more repressive apparatus of social control through policing and incarceration.


Toward a Fairer Parole Process

Examining Parole Denials in New York State

Every year in New York State, roughly 10,000 people appear before the Board of Parole to make their cases for release. In 2019, only 40 percent of people were granted parole, and in 2020—a year that demanded decarceration in the name of public health and safety given the risk of spreading COVID-19 in congregate settings—the release rate rose by onl ...

  • Benjamin Heller, Cherrell Green, Shirin Purkayastha, Alex Boldin, Brian King
December 14, 2021