After decades of laws, policies, and funding that have fueled mass incarceration across the state, millions of Californians and many government officials have signaled a readiness for change. Vera California works with community and government stakeholders to spark momentum for decarceration and investments in the long-underfunded community-based systems of care that promote safety and wellness. We use data and policy analysis to drive concrete change and center racial equity. We bring expertise on best practices from around the country to local conversations in California. We collaborate with government leaders and community partners on policy development and implementation, working together toward a new vision of safety, wellness, and racial justice for all Californians.

Project Objectives

  • Reducing the use of incarceration in California.

  • Shifting resources from law enforcement and incarceration to community-based systems of care that promote community safety and wellness.

  • Making California a state and national model for transformative change.