Vera Institute of Justice on President Biden’s State of the Union Address

March 8, 2024
Contact: Michael Czaczkes,, 347-831-0347

NEW YORK – Yesterday, President Biden delivered his third state of the union address. Nicholas Turner, president and director of the Vera Institute of Justice, issued the following statement:

“Yesterday’s State of the Union address was an incredibly important opportunity for President Biden to present a vision for safety, fairness, and equality in the country through commonsense, evidence-based solutions.

“I applaud President Biden for championing a clear message and vision for public safety. The president has taken a step in the right direction by advocating for expanded investments in public safety through solutions such as community violence intervention and increasing the number of mental health workers. We have seen the old ‘tough-on-crime’ playbook used for the past 50 years, and we know that it doesn’t work. Increased criminalization, harsher sentences, and intensified police presence don’t make us safer and don’t create stronger communities.

"Due process and fairness are fundamental rights that must be promised to everyone in this country, including immigrants. I urge the president to not perpetuate dangerous anti-immigrant rhetoric and to advance solutions toward an effective immigration policy, including measures to address the dysfunctional immigration court system, new and expanded pathways to citizenship, and humane reception for people seeking safety. Biden must promote safety and stability by safeguarding asylum, investing in sensible border improvements, and promoting due process.”


About Vera Institute of Justice:

The Vera Institute of Justice is powered by hundreds of advocates, researchers, and policy experts working to transform the criminal legal and immigration systems until they’re fair for all. Founded in 1961 to advocate for alternatives to money bail in New York City, Vera is now a national organization that partners with impacted communities and government leaders for change. We develop just, antiracist solutions so that money doesn’t determine freedom; fewer people are in jails, prisons, and immigration detention; and everyone is treated with dignity. Vera’s headquarters is in Brooklyn, New York, with offices in Washington, DC, New Orleans, and Los Angeles. For more information, visit

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