Statement on Supporting Immigrant Communities and Denouncing ICE Raids

The threat of massive ICE raids is a promise to rip apart more families and is stoking fear throughout the nation’s immigrant communities. These egregious acts are justified to our nation as a way to deter people from unlawfully entering this country, however, we know they serve no purpose in effectively addressing immigration policy. The real purpose is to sow chaos, cruelty, panic, and fear – and to throw into crisis marginalized communities that should be thriving.

Welcoming and accepting immigrants is an admirable part of the fabric of our shared national history. For over a decade, Vera has worked to ensure that there is due process for all immigrants facing the devastating consequences of deportation including long-term green card holders with US citizen children, undocumented immigrants, and adults and children who have escaped untold horrors in their home countries to seek asylum.

We proudly stand in solidarity with those across the nation who are denouncing these raids and working to protect immigrant communities. However, as we continue to grapple with countless families being separated and inhumanely detained at our border, we know that detentions, deportations, and separations of families are occurring every day in communities across America. In the face of this injustice, we will continue to fight for an America that values the contributions of our immigrant neighbors – one that pursues fairness and due process for all instead of promoting fear and division.

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