Eliminating Money Injustice in New Orleans

This series of interviews on money injustice in New Orleans features experts and advocates discussing the need to fundamentally rethink the city's use of money bail and conviction fees—which bear a disproportionate burden on poor communities and communities of color. Vera’s report—Paid in Full—highlights the landscape of money injustice in New Orleans and provides a roadmap for how the city could become the first in the nation to eliminate both money bail and conviction fees. The report and roadmap are endorsed by 32 local organizations, who have partnered with Vera in calling for change. These organizations, local leaders, and staff from Vera New Orleans convened for a public event—co-sponsored by Vera, RFK Human Rights, and Global Citizen—to highlight the urgency for change and uplift the voices of those most impacted by money injustice in the city.

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