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Vera seeks to transform America’s criminal and legal immigration systems. Meeting this ambitious goal requires unprecedented partnerships between socially responsible corporations and nonprofit groups like ours to transform the criminal legal and immigration systems until they’re fair for everyone, now and in the future. Our partners include Apple, Universal Music Group, Sony, Microsoft, Intel, Capital One, and Bank of America, among other companies already supporting our work to build anti-racist, reparative justice systems. There is genuine value in engaging with Vera. We provide a rewarding and deeply practical entry point into opportunities that can firmly align with your company’s values and strategic goals. Our partnerships focus on direct and measurable impact for people of color, immigrants, and people experiencing poverty.

“The NFL is proud to join organizations like the Vera Institute of Justice in reducing barriers to opportunity and advancing solutions in police-community relations.”

National Football League

Partnerships with Real-Time Impact

Corporations are powerful catalysts for systemic change. As a partner, your support goes far beyond funding. When businesses leverage their substantial capital and far-reaching platforms to deliver social justice, they have the power and reach to amplify underrepresented individuals and communities.

For more than 60 years, Vera has worked to create antiracist justice systems and develop ideas, research, and analysis to fight mass incarceration and end racial disparities.

Vera works with directly impacted people and government officials to build systems that ensure fairness, promote safety, and strengthen communities. Vera convenes thought leaders, decision-makers, and the community-at-large to plan transformative, data-driven change.

Through partnerships with organizations such as the Vera Institute, [Microsoft] can provide meaningful insight to help build coalitions, improve transparency and measure progress.

Merisa Heu-Weller, Director of Microsoft’s Criminal Justice Reform Initiative

Connect with us today to further our work creating scalable, impactful, community-based solutions that align with your company’s social justice objectives. Below is an abbreviated list of reasons why corporations have chosen to partner with Vera:

Vera Corporate Partnerships in Action

Vera is committed to creating partnerships that transform companies and create impact on a local and national scale. From small businesses to industry giants, we challenge companies to think beyond conventional corporate-nonprofit partnerships and envision how Vera can address your pressing concerns and help you achieve your CSR objectives. Here are a few powerful examples of Vera’s collaborations:

  1. "NFL Inspire Change & Vera Work Together to Advance Solutions in Police-Community Relations," November 13, 2020.

    “The NFL is proud to join organizations like the Vera Institute of Justice in reducing barriers to opportunity and advancing solutions in police-community relations. It takes all of us to end racism and hate.”

  2. How Google.Org Fellows Are Helping Use The Power Of Data For Criminal Justice Reform,” June 16, 2020.

    “I learned that runs a Fellowship program that enables Googlers to do pro bono work full-time for up to six months, to help nonprofits solve some of their toughest challenges by filling in gaps that Google technology and expertise can help address…Vera was the perfect fit –not only was this an opportunity to apply my own set of skills to an urgent problem, but I was already personally connected to the issue of criminal justice reform. ”- Aria Ahston, Fellow

  3. Empowering communities toward a more equitable criminal justice system,” Microsoft, March 3, 2020.

    “The Vera Institute Arrest Trends interactive visualization tool combines 40 years of data from thousands of agencies across the U.S. to produce trends in arrests, arrest demographics, clearance rates and victimizations to enable users to better understand current and historical trends and drive changes in policing policy and practices. We provided support to develop an Azure-based infrastructure that would enable the data analysis and visualizations. We will continue to build on our existing partnership with Vera as we continue to evaluate the data, generate insights and develop shareable findings.”

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We want to learn more about your philanthropic and engagement goals. Connect with us to build a partnership around our shared passion for equal justice for all, and safer, healthier, empowered communities.

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