Vera by the Numbers: Ending Girls’ Incarceration

Through Ending Girls’ Incarceration, Vera and a coalition of government officials, community organizations, and directly impacted youth are working to zero out the country’s confinement of girls and gender expansive youth. Progress is being made. Since our work began

  • New York City has seen a 70 percent (from 475 to 144) and 90 percent drop (52 to 5) in girls’ annual detention and placement admissions, respectively. In 2021, New York City hit zero in all girls’ detention and long-term facilities—reaching as many as 18 days of zero girls in detention in a single month. Santa Clara has had a 58 percent drop in annual girls’ detention admissions (268 in 2018 to 111 in 2020). They had over 15 consecutive days with zero youth in girls’ facilities in 2021.
  • Hawai`i has had a 42 percent drop in annual girls’ detention admissions (from 146 in 2018 to 84 in 2020).
  • Maine had nine months with zero long-term placements in the girls’ unit at Long Creek in 2020.
The burden of girls’ incarceration is disproportionately borne by girls and gender expansive youth of color. It’s time we stop accepting locking children up as a solution to trauma. The end of incarceration is within reach, and we’re honored to partner with decisive leaders who are lighting the path to zero.

Lindsay Rosenthal
Project Director, Ending Girls’ Incarceration