Pretrial release and post-incarceration reentry programs

ARP dollars can be used to invest in programs that limit the use and harms of jail incarceration. An equitable recovery looks like protecting people’s freedom, instead of losing people to pretrial detention because they can’t afford to pay bail, a reality that disparately impacts people of color, especially Black people. Indeed, research has shown that even a short period in jail can disrupt livelihoods, access to health care, and family ties. ARP dollars can help establish community-based pretrial release programs to connect people to a network of supports instead of jailing them while they wait for trial. Cook County, Illinois; Harris County, Texas; New York City; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, each have pretrial release services that reduce jail populations while supporting people’s access to resources like jobs, mental health treatment, and connections to loved ones. People also need supports after they are released from terms of incarceration. Already, Washington, DC, has used ARP funds to invest in reentry services that will help connect people being released from jail and prison to services that will enable a smoother transition back to their communities.