Sensible Traffic Ordinances for Public Safety (STOPS) Toolkit Launch

Guidance for Building, Drafting, and Implementing Data-Driven Solutions

Past Event
Wednesday, Mar 6, 2024
2:00 PM — 3:00 PM EST

Wednesday, March 6, 2 PM ET

On March 6 at 2 PM ET, Vera will host a webinar for the launch of our new STOPS toolkit, a series of documents intended to help jurisdictions limit non-safety-related traffic stops.

This toolkit emerged from a 2023 learning cohort run by STOPS, in which participants from 10 jurisdictions worked towards passing and implementing their own policies. The cohort helped lead to the passage of legislative policies in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Shaker Heights, Ohio. Vera has also supported leaders in several state and local governments outside of the cohort, including Memphis, Tennessee, which adopted one of these policies by ordinance in 2023. Replicating and building upon the cohort experience, the STOPS toolkit features guidance on every step of passing and implementing policies limiting non-safety-related stops, including data gathering, policy crafting, messaging, evaluation, and more.

In this webinar, Vera will lead an overview of the assets in the toolkit and share lessons learned from legislators, law enforcement, researchers, advocates, and others with experience ending these stops.

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