Sarah Zarba

Sarah Zarba is a program analyst with Vera’s Center on Youth Justice (CYJ). She currently provides programmatic support towards Ending Girls’ Incarceration in New York City, a federally funded initiative in which Vera is partnering with New York City to end girls’ incarceration locally and to create a model for ending the incarceration of girls around the country. As part of this work, Sarah manages the project’s youth engagement component, ensuring that directly impacted girls and LGBT/ gender non-conforming (GNC) youth have an opportunity to share their recommendations to reform New York City’s Juvenile Justice system. Sarah is also working on a project that supports the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) to improve their policies and programming, in an effort to strengthen family relationships and support youth involved in the system.

Sarah earned her Bachelor’s degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and is currently pursuing a master’s in social work at Columbia University.