Ari Kotler


Ari Kotler is a research analyst with Vera’s Opening Doors to Housing initiative, supporting policy efforts to remove barriers to housing access. Ari's multi-methodological research focuses on understanding where and how system-impacted people are excluded from quality and affordable housing, and what solutions are needed to realize housing justice for all. Ari also researches the dynamics of jail incarceration.

Before joining Vera, Ari’s work ran the gamut—from labor unions to the retail and service industries to landscaping.

Ari maintains additional research interests in political and economic development and migration, and, in their free time, enjoys playing jazz guitar and yelling at their favorite soccer team through the TV screen. Born in Bogotá, Colombia, but raised in Brooklyn, New York, Ari grew up just a few subway stops away from Vera's office.

Ari holds a BA in mathematics, political science, and sociology from the University of Vermont.