The Human Toll of Jail, a project of the Vera Institute of Justice, was made possible with the support of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and the Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust. We would especially like to thank Laurie Garduque, Patrick Griffin, Soledad McGrath, and Meredith Klein of the MacArthur Foundation for their support throughout the development of this project.

A special thank-you to our partners at Narratively, especially Brendan Spiegel, Noah Rosenberg, and Zara Katz for their creative and editorial acumen.

Thank you to Carl Ferrero for creating many of the charts, graphs, and infographics; to Jules Verdone for your scrupulous copyediting; and to the writers, illustrators, photographers, and interviewees named throughout this project whose incomparable talent and experience made this project possible.

Vera’s Human Toll of Jail project team:

David Cloud, Patricia Connelly, Mary Crowley, Chelsea Davis, Margaret diZerega, Nancy Fishman, David Hanbury, Adair Iacono, Allison Hastings, Kaitlin Kall, Michael Mehler, Scarlet Neath, Insha Rahman, Linda Siegel, Ryan Shanahan, Ram Subramanian, Liz Swavola, Erika Turner, Jon Wool, Corinna Yazbek