Arrests do not affect all communities equally

As January through March 2017 arrest data shows, when compared to the relative local populations, a greater proportion of New Orleans’s black residents were arrested than were their white counterparts. Men of all races and ethnicities were booked at a rate of 25 per 1,000 adult men in New Orleans. However, black men were booked twice as frequently as white men: 35 black men for every 1,000 black men in New Orleans versus 17 white men for every 1,000 white men in New Orleans. Women were booked at a rate of six per 1,000 women of all adult women in New Orleans; one-fourth the rate of all men. The arrest rate for black women was seven per 1,000 adult black women residents, which was slightly higher than that for white women (five per 1,000 adult white women residents). 

Figure 7 V2